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My Obligation

“I am obligated to both the Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish. That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel to you who are at Rome.”

This is a quote from the beginning of a letter St. Paul wrote to the Romans. And what is this ‘gospel’ that Paul preaches? It is the gospel regarding God’s Son, descendant of both David and God , who proved who he was by walking out of a grave 2,000 years ago (Rom 1. 3-4).

The gospel is an event. It is about what we Christians believe about this man, Jesus Christ.

We Christians say we believe some pretty ridiculous things. Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus, who was a normal man except that he was also God, walked around preaching the kingdom, healing people, raising dead, feeding five thousand on a couple loaves, and walking on water. The religious authorities nailed that man to a tree and he walked out of a grave 3 days later. Those events somehow make us perfect, heal us from evil and its effects, and satisfy everything God requires of us. They fix all the brokenness in us (which we all know we have) and bring us new life, both now and in the next life.

But we must not really believe that. We must not really believe that God came near and that he walked out of a grave and offered the true fix for our brokenness.

If we believed that, we’d probably tell somebody. Paul got it, you see. He knew that if this stuff was true, he was obligated to tell people. If God really drew near and made the way for forgiveness and healing of all the brokenness in the world, of course Paul was going to tell everyone.

We say we believe it. If we truly believe that stuff, we will tell people. It is too important not to.

Do you believe that? Do you believe those crazy things that Paul did? Do you really believe it?

If you do, you’ll tell people.

So, here I am. I am taking my example from St. Paul. I realize that this stuff is so important, I am obligated to share it.

With people at Starbucks.

With my friends.

With my family.

With my neighbors.

With anyone that crosses my path.

Every morning, I pray for forgiveness for my sins. I pray to God for the things I have done, and for the things I have left undone.

Here is a place where I have left things undone. You see, I believe God is pretty loving and generous. He wants to draw all people to himself. He wants to reconcile them, and wants to use us to do it.

So, as a part of my journey, I’ll be sharing some of my reflections through the first 11 chapters of the book of Romans. Feel free to join me. Christians, grow in a sense of obligation to share this with neighbors. Those of you that don’t know my Jesus, read, reflect, and even try out praying. See if maybe this thing is worth believing. I swear to you, it is worth my entire life.



One Response

  1. James, I loved your summary of the gospel brother. I too am guilty of not sharing the gospel when I should. I think it is often just fear of man and wanting to be a people-pleaser that stops me. But I also know I have my own unbelief to contend with. Looking forward to your further reflections!

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