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What would you die for?

Braveheart was sweet. It was the ultimate man’s movie. The last scene still burns vividly in my mind.

In the face of such torture and agony, Mel Gibson yells, “FREEDOM!”

I love it. I wanna be like that. I hope to be a person that would die a painful death over something I believe is important. I want to care about something that much.

Throughout history, we have seen many people willing to give up their lives for causes they believe in. We admire them. We want to be like them.

The American Soldiers who died in wars protecting our freedom.

The underground railroad workers who died to help others be released from slavery.

Martin Luther King.

The martyrs who died for their faiths.

The 300 Spartan warriors.

We love this stuff. I think it is because we know that when we give our very lives for something, we are getting really close to the things that are the most important things in life.

No one dies for a cheeseburger. No one dies to get a hold of an X-Box. When we are willing to lay down our lives, we do it for something really important. And it is he highest tribute we can pay anything. I can’t give you anything that is worth more than my life.

That’s what Christians say God did for us. He gave us that ultimate gift. He gave his very life. The Father sent the Son. The Son died. God died.

Here’s the craziest thing about it, though. The Son died while you were still a mess. He did it when you were still broken. Here’s the huge difference between His dying and ours.

We die for things that are worthy. He died for us when we were unworthy.

In Rom 5, Paul says something like this, “I know that many of you would die for a good friend. But God died for us when we were sinners.”

God died for an enemy. God died for someone who is raising his fist at him.

He didn’t wait until we were a worthy cause to die for. He died to make us worthy. He died to fix us.

This is the incredible thing about God. When we were far away and enemies, he gave his very life for us.

Why? Perhaps because he saw what we might become. He saw the great dad under the dead beat. He saw the entrepreneur behind the drug pusher. He saw the leader hiding inside the addict. He died to take the evil, and to replace it with good.

God sees you as you are. He sees your brokenness. He wants to give you a brand new identity. He wants to give you righteousness. Just like the sin disease came through Adam to all people, righteousness has come to all through Jesus. God wants to make you perfect, holy, and righteous.

No more guilt. No more shame. No more filthiness. God takes it all. He gives you back holiness, righteousness, and life. He makes you everything you were created to be.

And he didn’t wait until you were worth it. He died to make you worth it.

For a good friend someone might die. God showed his love by dying for an enemy. He did it to make you his blameless, holy, righteous friend.

Sounds like a good deal to me.


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