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We’re enslaved

We’re an enslaved people. All of us. We are slaves.

We were born slaves. We were born with a disease that we would serve to our dying day. The funny thing is, even though we are slaves we often believe we are doing exactly what we want to do.

We want to drink ourselves silly. We want to have sex with anyone who will let us. We want to eat until we can’t eat anymore. We want to hate the people that hate us and strike back with revenge.

And as long as we live enslaved to the master of sin, we don’t have any obligation to righteousness. Sometimes, we think we like it better that way.

“When you were a slave to sin, you were free in regards to righteousness,” is the cry of St. Paul.

But, as we saw yesterday, God kills that evil, lying person that we were at our baptism. We were baptized into his death and we raise to new life.

Now, we can be a slave to something else: Righteousness. He has given us new life. At one time, we could only do evil. Now, we can choose goodness.

We used to give our bodies to be slaves to evil. Now, we can give our bodies as slaves to do righteousness.

Notice what isn’t a choice: You will be a slave. You’ll be enslaved to something. You will be enslaved to your evil desires and your own, individualistic philosophy, or you will be enslaved to righteousness. There isn’t a choice. You will be enslaved.

You can’t have both, either. That’s true whether you’re a Christian or not. You can’t have both. You have to pick. You don’t get to say, “I’ll be righteous most of the time, unless it is prom night, my birthday, graduation, or I’m in Las Vegas.” If you try to live that way, you will be enslaved to the sin. You can’t give your body to something and not be enslaved by it (Rom 6.16).

The question is, what will you be enslaved to? Will it be righteousness or sin.

After posing the choice, Paul gives the two paths. Sin leads to shame and death. Righteousness leads to becoming holy and eternal life.

Those of you living for your own desires, don’t you know that Paul is right? Has it worked for you? I have spent a lot of time chasing what I thought was what I wanted. I have gone after laziness, lust, and over consumption. At least in my life, I have found that life leads to shame. Paul is exactly right.

What about you? Have you found fulfillment, or have you spent a lot of mornings ashamed of what you did the day before?

You’ll be enslaved to something. One leads to fulfillment and eternal life. The other, although it can seem more appealing to us, leads to shame and death.

Choose wisely.



One Response

  1. I am going to start putting the text I’m referring to in a comment under these. I should have done that sooner.

    This one is Rom 6.15-23

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