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Paper towels, TV trays, and God with us

The world’s a tough place. It’s broken and we’re broke. I walked into a man’s house today. It was filthy. He’d been suffering from severe bronchitis. He was starting to get better, but he still couldn’t make it to church.

I pulled out bread that we’d set apart for this time and a clean, paper towel.

This is pretty silly stuff. A paper towel and a little communion set. Could a miracle happen here?

I read the gospel. Jesus is moved to tears by the loss of his friend. He is moved to such a degree that he rolls a stone back and brings him back from the dead.

There’s one thing I know. God has an extraordinary amount of love for His creation. It is what drove him to send His Son. It is what drove the Word to become flesh. It is the reason he died.

Extraordinary love. The kind of love where God can weep. Gods don’t weep, but this one does. The Christian God weeps. He loves his creation. He identifies with the world enough to cry.

And his radical, incredible love that goes beyond whatever you’re imagining brings new life.

He pulls dead guys out of graves.

He makes blind men see with some mud.

He offers the kingdom to a sinful woman at the well.

He heals addictions.

He forgives evil.

He communes with people over paper towels and bread on TV trays.

God brought new life today. And as tears welled up in that man’s face, I knew this was the stuff of the kingdom.

This, dear friends, is the good news. It is God uniting himself with us when he could have condemned us. It is him bringing life out from the sick, broken, evil thing that we once were.

There’s a reason that the Bible doesn’t start with Romans. That is because the gospel isn’t an idea. It is a Life. His Life. United with ours.

Be reconciled to the One who adores you. Please. It’s not too late.


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  1. Awesome. Thanks.

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