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An Unlikely Gift: Maundy Thursday

We have received a gift. It seems so simple. If you’d have opened the gift, you’d have had to make that silly face you make when you pretend to be excited but you don’t see how on earth it could be useful.

Such common stuff. Bread and wine. Nothing exciting here. Thanks for the awesome meal… I think. Can I get some fish? Maybe we’ll go through McDonald’s later. We’ll still be hungry.

Then Jesus drops the bombshell.

This is my body.

What are you saying, Jesus? This is you?

This is my blood.

And with this, God gives us the miracle that we base our whole life on.

He makes beautiful things out of dust.

He takes common stuff, and when they are united with him, he makes them incredible. He makes them extraordinary. He does it with bread and wine. More importantly, he does it with us. And with this meal, we receive the gift of a lifetime.

He invites us to feast on him. Think of it. Jesus, the God of the universe, invites us to feast on Him. He says that we can have Him. He is ours.

What could that mean?

1)    Union with Christ: There is not a better picture of union than the one Jesus gave us with this meal. After feasting on Jesus, I can never wonder if I’ve been united with him. I am completely one with the King. I am ingesting him.

2)    Nourishment in Christ: Through my union with Jesus, I am empowered to live the life he calls me to. My oneness with him makes me able to live like him. That is why it is a meal. We are nourished. We are empowered. We are strengthened to do what we are made to do.

Praise God for the gift of feasting on His Son. We can’t go a single moment without it. He knows what we need, and He transforms regular, earthly things into the medicine of immortality.

This meal is an extraordinary gift. It unites us with Christ. It gives us strength to live like Him.

Ordinary bread and wine made the body and blood. Feast on Him today with thanksgiving.


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