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Christ as our True Mother

Some of the most controversial issues faced by the Church today are those raised by the feminist movement. Many times, religion has been used to suppress and dominate women. At the same time, in other circles, many seem to attempt to obliterate any distinction between males and females in the name of equality.

In the midst of such extremes, this reflection  from Julian of Norwich (14-15 century) this morning is quite refreshing. She reflects on Christ as the true mother, who births new and eternal life in us, the type of lives our earthly mothers can’t birth in us.

Thought is was worth sharing.

God chose to be our mother in all things *
and so made the foundation of his work,
most humbly and most pure, in the Virgin’s womb.
God, the perfect wisdom of all, *
arrayed himself in this humble place.
Christ came in our poor flesh *
to share a mother’s care.
Our mothers bear us for pain and for death; *
our true mother, Jesus, bears us for joy and endless life.
Christ carried us within him in love and travail, *
until the full time of his passion.
And when all was completed and he had carried us so for joy, *
still all this could not satisfy the power of his wonderful love.
All that we owe is redeemed in truly loving God, *
for the love of Christ works in us;
Christ is the one whom we love.

Just as a mother bears us for life and nurses us to physical maturity, our Lord Jesus births new life in us, and nurses us with his very presence into maturity of New Life.

Praise be to our risen Lord Christ, the fulfillment of motherhood, and the fulfillment of everything else that is human.


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