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Good Friday Baby

I had jokingly said that I didn’t want Grace to come on Good Friday. I had said I wanted an Easter baby, not a Good Friday baby.

That is why it was almost comical when our doctor suggested scheduling the induction for Friday morning. It looks like a Good Friday baby it is.

I thought Good Friday wouldn’t be a great day to have a baby.

Then I woke up and said my prayers with Ileana.

We read Psalm 22, and I reflected on uniting with Christ, and the Church, his body, in suffering. We read Lamentations 3 and reflected on God’s goodness in the midst of suffering. We read a passage in John predicting Peter’s denial.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Good Friday is the perfect day to have a baby.

Good Friday is the day when you see God bringing good out of evil and life out of death. On Good Friday, we reflect on the God of the universe feeling terrified. He walked to his death in terrified obedience to the Father. And, through the tragic events of Good Friday, God birthed a new day.

There isn’t much worse than knowing that you’re going to go through pain. It is scary to know that immense pain is around the corner. The only thing I can think of than knowing I will go through immense pain, though, is knowing that I will have to watch my bride go through immense pain. I realize that the thought of seeing her hurt terrifies me.

Jesus knows pain, though. He knows it well. If there is any day to remember that Jesus identifies with us in fear and in pain, today is the day. But, even out of the most tragic effect of the Fall, the conspiracy of humanity to murder God, God brings forth New Life.

In the same way, in perhaps the worst part of the curse, the pain in childbearing, God is going to bring forth New Life.

Today is a perfect day to have a baby.


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