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Death and Resurrection

Today, my baby Grace and my wife left to go to a funeral for her grandfather, who passed away yesterday morning. In light of that, I thought it was appropriate to re-post a blog I wrote on Facebook a couple years ago. Here it is:

Come with me on a journey. Come to a typical funeral in most of our traditions.

Mary has just died. She was an eighty-year-old grandmother. She was a member of the church for a long time and she always baked the best cookies for the bake sales. The preacher stands up, with a few tears in his eyes. He says, “Today is a time of celebration, because Mary has gone home to be with Jesus. Mary is not in this coffin. Mary has been released from this body, which is merely a shell that held Mary.”

Funny, I don’t feel like celebrating. No one else does either.

Statements like this show that we have a misunderstanding of the future. For Christians, hope is in new life, not in death. These statements also show that we have a great misunderstanding of the body. The body is created by God, and it is good, just like the ‘spirit’ or the ‘soul.’ We are one person, body and spirit. As whole people, we are created in the image of God.

The final goal for Christians is not to be separated from our bodies and to live in some disembodied state in some invisible place for all of eternity. 

The hope for Christians is resurrection. One day, we will walk out of a grave and will worship God with bodies just like we have now, except perfect. We will walk out of a grave, never to go back into one again.

Come back to that funeral with me. Mary has died. What the preacher could say is, “The death of Mary is a tragedy. Humans were never supposed to die. When humans rebelled against God, they subjected themselves to sin and death. However, this isn’t the end of the story. God is going to pull Mary out of her grave and she will worship him forever in a body that will never decay again.”

That’s a message worth hearing.

Christ has risen indeed. Alleluia!


One Response

  1. Thx Hubby,

    You always have the right things to say. I love you and wish you could be here.

    Love boo bear

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