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Rekindling Love for God

It is  easy to forget how wonderful the Gospel of Christ is. It is so easy to forget what I have been redeemed from.  The God of the universe took on flesh, lived, died, resurrected, and ascended for me and in my place. He lived the life I couldn’t live. He died the death I should have died, he resurrected and gave me the hope of resurrection from the dead.

And, I forget. I am so forgetful.The Gospel becomes dry. The story stops penetrating my heart and I get numb to it.

In the beginning of the book of Revelation, God addresses a church like this. They are patiently enduring and toiling for the Gospel. But, they’ve lost their first love. They’ve become forgetful.

What he tells them to do is so interesting. It is like what a marriage therapist may tell a man who feels like he has fallen out of love with his spouse. He tells them to remember how things were at first and repent of where they missed it. After all, the antidote of forgetfulness is remembrance. Remember how you felt at first, and repent of how you’ve lost your way.

Then the advice gets super practical. Do the works you did at first. This is where the Scriptures get as wise as a good marriage therapist. Feel like you may have fallen out of love with God? Feel like you lost that first love? Behave like you didn’t. Do the things you did when you felt like you loved God. Did you rise early to pray? Do that. Did you tell others about him? Do that. Did you pour through the Scriptures? Do that. Did you sing songs to him? Start doing that.

And, if you are forgetful like me, that is really helpful advice. If you feel like you have lost your first love for Jesus, don’t spend a bunch of time in your room trying to conjure up love feelings. Behave like you didn’t lose that love. Do the things you did when you felt like you were in love with Christ. And, just like in a marriage, often your feelings will follow your actions.

The Gospel is a story worth loving. It is easy to love the Gospel and the God of the Gospel. You feel like you fell out of love? Behave as if you didn’t. I can assure you, the feelings will follow.


One Response

  1. Hey James,
    I learned a long time ago to not rely on feelings, so I do exactly what you said. I go back to the beginning. I go back to that simplicity, that “child like” understanding and trust. Also, worship music helps me to refocus. Thanks for writing. What a good reminder!

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