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God Isn’t Mocked

God won’t be mocked. He looks deep into the heart. He sees right through the false pretenses, the feigned humility, and the masked generosity that we use to impress one another.

Ananias and Sapphira learned that the hard way. As the Holy Spirit fell on people and made them a family, the people of God were doing crazy things like selling whatever they had so that the money could be used for the people in need among them. Perhaps feeling a bit of shame about their great wealth, Ananias and Sapphira come up with a plan. They’ll sell the land, hold on to some of the money and lay the rest at the apostles’ feet to be distributed to the poor.

Doesn’t seem like a bad plan. Seems quite noble actually. There is nothing wrong with selling some land, holding onto some profit, and distributing the rest to the poor. After all, it was their land and they had the right to do what they wanted with it (Acts 5:3-4).

These two, though, decided to make it appear as if they had given all the proceeds of the sale to the apostles. They were putting on a show and trying to appear more generous than they were.

Peter tells them something interesting: You didn’t lie to men but to God (Verse 4). When they try to appear more spiritual than they are before God’s people, they are trying to lie to God. Ultimately, this costs them their lives.

God isn’t a God of coercion. He doesn’t want our false pretenses. He doesn’t want us to fake more faith or love or generosity than we have. He sees right through all that.  He desires us to be authentic before him and to live with integrity.

Be authentic with God and His people. He knows anyway. And he desires you to live with integrity before him and others. In addition to that, pray for grace from God. Pray that he would do such a work in your heart that you’ll never have to fake holiness. Pray that he will make you actually become holy so that you never have to fake it.

God doesn’t want us to fake holiness. He wants to make us truly holy, so that we don’t have to fake it. Live openly before him today. But do it with open hands, knowing that he is going to change you into the type of person that never has to fake it.


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