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When we are Faithless, God Shows Mercy

It seemed that God’s people were always on the wrong side of things. In a mock trial, Stephen rehashes their history. He shows how God continued to be faithful to His covenant even in the midst of His people’s faithlessness.

When God blesses Abraham’s line with 12 patriarchs, they conspire to sell one of them into slavery. God shows mercy, using this very act to save them from the famine.

When God sends a redeemer to get them out of slavery, they misunderstand him and ask who made him in charge. God shows mercy, sending him back with powerful signs and wonders to demonstrate the authority he would have.

When God takes his people out of Egypt, they immediately fall into idolatry and worship a golden calf. God shows mercy, even gracing the temple they built with his presence.

When God’s people remain faithless, God is faithful. He still moves toward them with mercy. He still looks to redeem. No matter what.

Stephen closes his speech by showing that God’s people are still doing the same thing. They rejected John the Baptizer, rejected their Messiah, and now they are charging Stephen with wrongdoing.

The people present respond by stoning Stephen. As they are stoning him, though, Stephen cries out to God to have mercy on them. In doing this, he reminds us of someone else. He also shows us a glimpse into the heart of God.

God is a God of mercy. Even when we are faithless and evil, he loves bringing mercy. The voice of Stephen calling out between the blasts from the rocks is the voice of God. He loves showing mercy to those who have done evil. Call out to him today to receive mercy. He is faithful even though we are faithless.

In addition, realize that Stephen is a prototype for all that follow Jesus. God showed mercy so that he could make a merciful people. People who have been shown mercy are required to show others mercy. Resolve to be a person that shows mercy to those that wrong you. This is most definitely the heart of God. When we are faithless, God shows mercy.

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