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Hearing from God in Real Time

Philip was incredibly attuned to the Spirit. In real time, right in the moment, the Spirit told him, “Go over and join (the Ethiopian eunuch’s) chariot.” (Acts 8:29).

When Philip does what the Spirit told him to do, he bears fruit. The eunuch converts immediately and submits to water baptism.

I have moments like this. Before my first time knocking on any doors I sensed a call of the Spirit. I even got a word from the Spirit that God was more pleased with door knockers than criticizers. I knew that was from Him. It led me into this, particular ministry.

I want more of that, in real time. I want to be convinced that I’m doing the work of God because I am in tune with the Holy Spirit. I want the Spirit to lead me into a mighty work and then give me the power to bear fruit.

This wasn’t something limited to Philip. This is something you can do today. You can pray for the Spirit’s leading, hear God’s voice, and act on His impressions. When you listen to God and do what He is doing, you will bear fruit.

Look for God in real time. He’s still speaking.


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